Everyone knows the World Best PUBG MOBILE is the number one famous game. In each and every second thousand of game player playing this game.

But every game is not best and completed according to the game player.

The PUBG MOBILE is the best game but it’s graphic and control of mobile is so bad.

The PUBG MOBILE GAME strategies not Good

Pubg game mobile strategies are bad. They can’t give weapons equally, if your rank is better then you can get better weapons. On another hand, if you are new then your weapons are low quality and your killing capacity is very low.

Which means?

Suppose you can fire on others that are firing on you. You can hit 12 to 15 bullets in it. On another hand its fire on your single bullet you can die.

Health problem Main Reason in PUBG MOBILE SEASON 10

In this game, someone hits you first then you cannot survive, Your out of the game. One thing is so bad in this pubg mobile world the best game. You can only survive when your team person helps you and heal you.

But every time nobody can help you. You can die quickly when someone hits you first. In this game, you can fire first on your competitors. Then you can heal and complete your lost health.

Weapons Controls are SO Bad PUBG

If you can use the scope on weapons in pubg mobile. So here is you can not win this game. Do not use the scope for searching enemies, because of its total waste of time.

Using a scope to fire on the enemy is impossible Because when you fire on that your hand is shaking. Cannot hit the correctly on the target you want to hit.

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The graphic of the game is the heart of the any game. If the game graphic is not good the whole game is bad. You can not see the enemy and hit him correctly in this.


Overall the game is good but some things are this game is so bad. like gameplay, control, and graphics.

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