By the way, Everyone loves Superheroes and watches her movies again and again. Especially, because these movies are amazing and thrilling. Hence they fully loaded with action. Today I am so excited to share with these Superheroes games. So Here you can choose Top 5 Super Heroes Android Games that are awesome with her features, gameplay, and control. For the most part of this game I can like that storyline is amazing.

So here you can really enjoy the 5 Awesome Best Action Games 2019 collection

So then here is the list Top 5 Super Heroes Android Games.

  • Iron Man 3: The Official Game
  • Spider-Man Unlimited
  • Age of Sparta
  • Captain Robot
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us

Iron Man 3: The Official Game

Iron Man 3: The Official Game

The official this game developed and published by Gameloft. The game was published on April 25, 2013, before the releasing movie Iron man 3. The storyline of this game the same as the movie. So here is the endless runner game where you can collect the point to complete the level. The gameplay is the same as for the temple run game.

Let’s man See the trailer

The games by Gameloft are perfect for fans to be able to enjoy their favorite Hero characters on their smartphones. Finally, Download Iron Man 3 android game on your smartphone free and fly the skies.

Spider-Man Unlimited 5 top Super Heroes Android Games

Spider-Man Unlimited Free Game apk download

Before we talk about the game, So I want to watch Spider-Man movie again and again. Spiderman is one of the best movies from these, People want to watch it again and again. like this movie, Hence spider man android game is most popular among his lover.

Furthermore First Spider-Man game is a runner game like Subway surface! In the latest version, you can Swing, run and fight through Venom in 5 Marvel environments! If you Go beyond a runner with nice gameplay! Battle with super villains, swing, wall-climb skydive!

Age of Sparta

Here is no one is this world who not know about Sparta. hence its full action and sword-fighting movie series. Same as on this movie storyline Gameloft make Age of Sparta android free game. if you are fine of swordfight game then it’s for you.

Call upon Zeus’s thunderous might and Hades’ dark wrath to purge foes from the battlefield. Unleash legions of unique units, including mythical monsters & beasts.

This game is great amazing just I would like fo more free gems and faster fusion and building time. Now, this Top 5 Super Heroes Android Games list this game on Number 3.

Superhero Captain Robot Flying Newyork City War

Superhero Captain Robot Flying Newyork City War

This game is so addicted, Let start investigate and battle against crime as a legendary fighter and Newyork city. Using a Superhero to save the world using your special fighting skills and tactics.

Superhero Captain Robot Flying Newyork City War is a fighting combat game where you will play the role of crime fighter and professional fighter to take control over the act of violence.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

In this series, the last game is Injustice: Gods Among Us. So here all these games are free and under 999MB. Generally, this collection is fully loaded with action, awesome character an much more.

This game-like is similar to the Tekken game. So here you can select your desired hero and figit again supervillain. Beat your competitors and win a level.


In this last, all these above Top 5 Super Heroes Android Games is amazing. Which superhero game you can like, why? please leave an answer in the comment box.

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