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Top 10 RPG Games For Android & iOS 2020! [Offline/Online]

RPG is a role-playing game that is an ever-growing category and it’s taking up a big portion of the Mobile gaming market. Hi, everybody, I am Fiaz today I am sharing with you the top 10 RPG games that upcoming in 2020. Android tools we are gonna be counting down our topics for the top 10 Android RPG games of 2020.

10- Exile Survival

Exile Survival

Starting up at 10 have Exile survival this is a 3D while Role-playing action game. It an original rolled Halfway between Prehistoric times and medieval fantasy learn, how to survive fancy learn, how to survive in the hostel world and fight against odds of anyways. You can also build your home cooked food and make friends with other characters. Game clearly in a while survival is a very similar to last day on earth and other similar games with the main difference is data inserted of the Zombies 2 fights against violent act and rules to keep them the form killing you can also builder cozy little home at creatives Call upon functions collective nouns of different resources.



Moving onto number 9 MONOLISK have risk feature is a really cool hairstyle as well as the environment. That sort of low and very similar to the Classic version. So it also features five different highly customization payable character as well as all the manner of flute to equip them with Treaty standard share of the generic to be honest. What is stood out about Minor like is its importance on Creating your own dengue and sharing them with others online. Those who play your creation can then read them upon completion and critters with rally highly rated level will be able to earn some additional load for their efforts. So that game is on number 9 in our Top 10 RPG Games.

8- Undead Horde

Undead Horde

So Here I am coming on number 8 from our Top 10 RPG Games we have Undead Horde mobile Android game. It is hot an achromatic action game with the elements from RPG stars hack and slash generation. You will Battle against living who is driver in the morning and half the Undead Minions into exile the main dead zombies. Here is that you are able to raise the dead and have them to fight alongside use somewhat similar to the sending troops around in an 8 years. I am not typically a friend off this style game. But what I enjoy most awarded and dead hard. Is that it’s really and action RPG first 2020 and foremost with the herd management staff only lightly women in and for my taste it is pretty much the perfect balance of other 2 Gameplay style.

7- Idle War: Legendary Heroes

Idle War Legendary Heroes

Next about the number 7 we have Idol war now this is a fantasy 3D Idol RPG Android game. Where you will be transferred to the land of my stress cause any serious evil and creepy creatures. Your fantastic journey into the world of nerve frame my this my right now and restore the last balance in the world gather. Your invincible team off role and you are game tactics watch how your team will fight in automatic mode without you are a participation of countless different studies. Try them out in the different Metals used the skills of the heroes and 2 combo attacks leaving. No chance for Apartments to win card for happy your life and together with them defeat strongest Monster.

6- A Tag Knight

A Tag Knight

From our “Top 10 RPG Games” Moving on number 6 we have a tag tonight is cute 3D RPG action game. Where you choose to different characters and fight of ways of adversary and nonstop was Every time that you defeat a certain numbers of a waves you have to face off against a fear some box control in a tag night and very simple the joystick is one of the left right off the screen while on the right action button.

5- Which weapon

Witch Weapon

On 5 we have A Which weapon is an action RPG with the vibrant better than animation aesthetics and this RPG takes place in impressive Choco stick work on the brink of decider and its last of but make sure to equip weapon carefully because I like most game which weapon does not have buttons of a different attacks each character has one unique weapon that you can you quotes simply by tapping on the character pictures and not only that but each character also has a power bar and can an lash equip special attack once the boy falls overall which is an excellent action RPG with an exciting impressive story.

4- Tiny Gladiator 2

Tiny Gladiators 2

On the number Four Tiny Gladiator 2. The Tiny Gladiator 2 after the absolute success of the first installment of Bomba game has done, It again with the release of a tiny Gladiator. This second installment continues to challenge you to face a bunch of animals during thrilling battles. That combined role and adventure elements and timing Gladiator.

May be you can also like these RPGS game.

You can unlock many different barriers that you can take to the battlefield. Each one of them include different scale that you can enhance as you advance for your adventure. For example, of interesting technique would you be to use the riches arrows to attack a long distance are defending your Fortress. Using are made various overall this is a really fun game that will be enjoy on YouTube. In order to unlock and evolve dozens of the squares and characters.

3- Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Phantoms Tang Dynasty

Coming in at Number 3 we have a Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is an open world MMRPG, where you can step into offensive word inspired by Chinese mythology and interact with the hundreds of a separate. Both good and evil while some separate will help your others will try to end. Your adventure before you even start playing you will create an avatar with the games powerful characters’ creation tool.  

Choose from doesn’t of option to create a custom hairstyle and physical features.  remember the game has a lot of a dialogue and you will spend lot of a time looking at your character. So what it to take couple of minutes make them look great next FIR number.

2- Night Agent: I’m the Savior

Night Agent I'm the Savior

We have a Night Agent, A night agent is an action game RPG game. Where you playing exacting Battle against tunes of animals at once. It’s an enemy style action based RPG that takes the best form video games like Honk high-impact third blank city and hundred soul in the game. You play as a night agent at team of students with special power that fight against lemons Attack. The city combats are integral part of this game. Where you fight of Hearts of enemies and exacting battles to do this still have the usual control at your disposal. A virtual D pad on the left and attack buttons on the right and family.

1- Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing Gray Raven

Are number one game we have a Punishing: Gray Raven is a spectacular action RPG that turns you into human 82 lost hope once again. We are talking about video games that full of the boss of web battles and fantastic sleek visual actions. This game is very similar to that of the best hack and slash is out there you can move freely throughout beautiful 3D setting thanks to the free camera and left virtual stick the tax system. Is something different from that what you might be used to and there a typical attack and buttons. But you are specially skills appear if you are managed delivers a strike in a row.


So guys if you found this Top 10 RPG Games article interesting the please leave a comment and put you email ID for newsletter.  If you want to see more article like this. Once again I am Fiaz thank you so much for reading this article.

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