At the same time as it has been just a couple of days of the release of Season 9. With Pubg Mobile 0.14.5 update.

Pubg mobile 0.15.0

One additional excellent news came for Each and everyone gamer. So as to the new Pubg Mobile 0.15.0 Beta update is now rolling out for everybody.

So, if you would like to early test mode and use the new features of a forthcoming update. Then it’s a great time as the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Beta

The version now released online for Android and iOS users. Maybe you can also want to play BUBG old version. This is so amazing and enjoyable battle filed android game.

Fine, In the past guessed that PUBG would release the new Payload Mode. With new features with the new period 9 update.

Mobile 0.15.0 beta

But we haven’t seen all those supposed features on PUBG Mobile 0.14.5.

So as a final point the PUBG Mobile has just launched the beta update of PUBG Mobile 0.15.0. For all Android and iPhone players.

If you over and over again play all beta versions of any fresh update. You would be happy to know that the new PUBG 0.15.0 beta edition is

just on the rampage and will allow boundless users to play.

Pubg mobile 0.15.0 beta

So, it would be improved to download PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 beta exact now. On your Smartphone device and begin playing all-new roles of the game in before the planet.

Pubg mobile? NEW UPDATE 0.15.0 | PUBG HIGHLIGHTS

If you have to wait next to see the chopper, military hardware, and Halloween costumes. Then you are fortunate today as you can download and set up PUBG 0.15.0 Mobile

This inform comes with the new Payload Mode. (available sometime after the new update goes live) So here is the updated stay alive Till Dawn – Halloween mode.

The Darkest Night will be taken offline for further change.

As for weapons, the M16A4, Vector, UMP45, and MK47Mutant have all been tuned.

The act has also been improved:

Mobile 0.15.0

Now mobile 0.15.0 runs smoother but consumes less power and therefore less likely to cause your device to heat up; weapon and outfit display.

have been enhanced; the touch controls have been tuned to reduce errors in movement after opening scope; room and inventory systems have also been improved.

And one more thing – graffiti is now available!

(This mode is coming soon) About the rumors have come with the latest heavy weapons, recall system, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates!

Tap jump, then jump again at the right timing in midair.

When hit by bullets or throwable, fuel drums explode and damage nearby players.

Highest damage and a muzzle velocity of all pistols.

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