Epic is gearing up for two significant changes to its famous hit battle royale game Fortnite. Including the removal of the universally hated Fortnite Leaks Tease Brute suits and the arrival of an entirely new map. Games Players have been calling for the removal of the BRUTE suit since the game’s 10 seasons arrived. Something Epic has been unusually telling stubborn about. The arrival of an entirely new game map may make up for the frustration-free packaging, however.


Happy Days For Fortnite Fans coming soon Because Epic recently developed and released Fortnite 10.40. Something the new data miners have been busy in combing through for hints about the in next game’s future. We’re only a couple of after weeks the end of Season 10 and it seems things are looking up for the game’s 11th season: the vaulting of BRUTE and arrival of a new map.

FortTroy on Twitter – Fortnite Leaks Tease Brute Feature

Hence, The leaks that BRUTE won’t stick around come from New data miner @FortTroy on Twitter, an account with a New solid history of digging up details on the game before they’re released of next addition. In a tweet today, FortTory shared an image leak from the 10.40 update that seems to indicate a virus will corrupt the BRUTE mech suits and eventually cause them to explode:

Prior this week, a picture showing an alleged infection was spilled which was making the B.R.U.T.E mech go crazy and it appears that the infection is carrying out its responsibility pretty incredibly as players have been seen revealing an unusual wonder wherein, the mechs are falling to pieces. With this, it appears as though players had enough of the overwhelmed mech and its at long last time to bid farewell to Fortnite’s mechs, following yesterday’s 10.40 fix update.

Here is the list of these:



Of course, it’s hard to ignore the fact that many of these names seem like variations of existing POIs on the battle royale island, perhaps hinting at a kind of time twist where players are shuttled off to a different dimension. Snobby Shores may be called Sunny Shores in this alternate world, for example, with things like Lazy Lake replacing Lazy Lagoon and Frenzy Farm replacing Fatal Fields. It’s hard to say at this point, however.

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