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15 top free android games [Decmber 2019] On Google Play Store

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In this article, I am sharing with you 15 top free android games [December 2019] On Google Play Store! Shadowgun Legends, Infinity Ops, Clash Royale, Alto’s Odyssey, Darkness Rises, Granny and action puzzle game. I hope you can really enjoy these Android Game list [December 2019] On Google Play store.

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15 top free android games [Free Android Game]

Shadowgun Legends

THE BEST mobile phone game EVER If you love weapons, PVP Combat and challenging missions, look no further! There are many, many games out now that fail in one or more aspects, be it realism in weapons, combat or a multitude of other factors. SGH, however, truly balances gameplay, graphics, story, and attention to detail as perfectly as humanly possible. It starts easy… but cranks up the skill level later on. Mad Finger games, I salute you! 🙂

Awesome game with beautiful graphics. These guys hit it out of the park with this one. Play by yourself or play with friends. You even get to choose your gear and design.

I highly recommend this one. I like the character customization and different gear, lots of missions, coop play available for all missions, zero auto-combat, and free to play. you can play against other players if you want or do the solo missions and keep your gear, you won’t wake up the next day robbed by other players. I’ve been wanting RPG/ cyber marine game for a long time, this game is butter. It would be so cool to expand to an open world and different hubs. Wow! that amazing action Android game list on 1 in my 15 top free android games.

It reminds me of one of the games that I liked “Destany” except without all the complications that I started having. Being a much simpler version I feel. I’m enjoying this game much better but that’s my opinion. I recommend anyone to try this I don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

Infinity Ops

A multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting! This is the game that I have been looking for. This is one of the best online FPS games that I have ever played. Wow, what an awesome game??. The graphics are almost realistic. The other thing I like about Infinity Ostara the Titans. These are large war mechs that the player can use during some tough times in the game. The other thing is that there are so many different locations such as Miami, Dreadnought, Favela, Canyon valley and others. Sorry if I have given anyone a spoiler to the game. ??

it’s good, but it gets boring after you win too many times. haven’t lost a single round, nor enjoyed winning it, because it feels and it is more likely to be me versing bots on a lot of rounds. and if they were people playing, then I’m just disappointed in their skills.

It’s a good time killer. However, the servers need a REWORK. I’ve had games come full stop for 30 seconds straight because of lag. My graphics are on the lowest settings and every time I start a gunfight, it lags and/or the framerate drops. Also, I’m not completely sure if the game is online. You’d think it is because of the lag, but I get into a titan every game and I’ve never seen one anywhere else.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the greatest mobile game in the app store for a while now. It has an incredible fanbase around it. I follow YouTubers like Clash with Ash, Clash with Shane, Nickatnyte, Orange Juice, and Molt to get tips for the game and get updated about the latest decks in the current meta. And no, you don’t need to spend any money on the game. It speeds up the process of leveling up, but ultimately, the game is about strategy. Do you have what it takes to get to Ultimate Champion?

the matchmaking in this game is stupid. level 10s fighting level 12s and 13s isn’t exactly fair. in most games, 3 levels is an okay gap that can be accounted for with skill, however, in this game, there is a massive difference between levels. but if they have bandit, mega knight, and ram rider and you don’t, you lose anyway. I have been playing for 3 years, and haven’t spent a dime. lately, it’s been hard to keep up, even with all my “experience”. I’m disappointed because this game is very unique. This game is the most favorite from 15 top free android games.

The game’s idea is decent with it being fun at first but frustrating when you advance. You basically get punished for not spending money on the game, because while other players spend tons of cash I didn’t because I’m not paying to win, but it felt as if my luck for good chests and cards went down when my brothers went up, after he dropped a good hundred bucks on the game. I cannot win anymore due to garbage matchmaking and getting horrible cards from chests that guarantee better cards.

Alto’s Odyssey

This is hands down, the best mobile game ever. The controls are simple. The gameplay is straightforward and addictive. It isn’t a giant cash grab either. There are in-app purchases sure, but you don’t need real-world money just to play. And yes there are ads, but the game’s free, what are you expecting? The game is incredibly relaxing. Soft music, visually appealing graphics, and a calm play style. I’ve never been so at ease when constantly dying in a game. Except for the lemurs. I hate those things.

Beautiful, smooth, and clean. The soundtrack feels adventurous and tense. I love the dynamic weather throughout, giving a different feel every few minutes. Plenty of new things to discover and plenty of time to discover them. The flow of performing tricks one after another is satisfying and enjoyable. All of the sound effects make you feel immersed.

I love playing this game. The visuals and atmosphere pull you in as you surf the dunes of such a vibrant desert. One major problem I have with the game is Maya’s inability to jump a specific chasm. No matter how much momentum you have or if you have a speed boost or not, she will always almost land on the other side but ultimately ends up falling. She’s one of my favorite characters as she can perform satisfying combos. I wish this problem would be solved and fixed.

Darkness Rises

Many things about this game suck. The graphics are nice, but the game cheats you. if you have the money to buy game items you’ll do great. try to play free you’ll see errors at critical points in the game. I thought I would try the new patch to see if there were fixes there were, to the worse. you will play along gaining strength then a quest to use trait tickets will leave you with the strength of a wet noodle.

Love the game but it keeps crashing when I’m in the raid. Besides the fact that kicks me out of battle, it also takes one of my raid tickets. Also, the game has hung up my phone calls, and then when I try to exit to answer the call, the game crashes and makes me wait 4 minutes of a gray screen. please fix these problems. The game is lovely otherwise but having the game hang up an important phone call or just flat-out not working and not letting me the answer is pretty annoying.

The best RPG game I have ever played!! If you want one hell of a ride and a fun experience then play this game. It has everything from showing the armor change, costumes, amazing animations, and graphics!! I love this game!!!! I play this game again and again from these top 15 free android games.

Creative Destruction

Very fun game. Considering I’m a very big Fortnite gamer Creative Destruction is so similar. I play this game when I can’t play Fortnite. Such easy controls and the audio is outstanding. I’ll always like Fortnite better and be more inclined to play Fortnite but when I can’t I’ll come to this game. I can’t wait to see what the game has for us in the future.

Based on my experience I love the game every morning, night all day I play it and it’s recent I just download it so, it’s my favorite game that I have had played 🙂 But I do feel like that I think the loading should be a little bit faster like when your gun is loading. so yeah but in total I love it. The real-time passing game 15 top free android games Sep 2019.

game sucks! if there’s some right in front of me and I shoot them with a shotgun it takes like half a minute to reach them with both type of shotguns I can even see it my self and if there someone on a mountain or something like that it shows them going inside the mountains cause its always showing that it’s huge but when I get there it either I die from the Pearson who went or the mountain shrinks just a little and then I see them. and that’s why this game SUCKS BUT.


Ok! So I have an idea/request. So I was thinking, maybe granny could be multiplayer! It would make it easier to complete like one player could distract granny while the other one unlocks the door. Or when you’re looking for a part ( birdseed for example), you could cover more ground. On the main page, a little button would say ‘Friends’ you would click on it, name yourself and search up others names’, friend them and join their game. I think it would be a great addition to granny! 

Amazing game – loved it! I think for the next update, you could add a new ending where on nightmare mode she feeds you to the bear trap (this was my brother’s idea). Also, the piece of wood that has writing on it, you could add another room where you find the person who wrote it. I also think you should add jumping to the game. As a Halloween update, as you did for Christmas, Granny should dress as a witch instead of Santa. She should have a broom, not a bat. And a black cat by her side.

This game is awesome. I’m not a fan of horror games, but this one is just right for me. also, I played on practice mode and I think you should add something like if you die in the 5 days on practice, granny could like come back and realize you were trying to escape and kill you anyway. Also, I found out the car is not granny. thanks for the great game!!

Critical Ops

Ruined game. I played this game from almost the very beginning when there were only 3 maps; Plaza, Bureau and Grounded, as well as… *There was a way to earn credits other than watching ads*. Seriously, how do you expect people to keep playing your game and win matches with the only motivation being XP? How do you expect people to make in-app purchases when they aren’t motivated to play the game? I hope that someday things will change and I will be able to change my rating and review

Great game!! undoubtedly one of the best FPS games for the phone. The latest update does not have the ‘gun game’ mode which was the most fun mode. The ‘sharpshooter’ mode is great but the gun game should come back. Also, why on earth do people have knives in sharpshooter mode!!! Can you guys just keep everyone with one sniper of their choice and no knives? people are using knives from behind when everyone is busy aiming with the scope. it is very annoying and kills the fun of sniping.

thank you for making this beautiful game! I Couldn’t Live Without it (unless when I born IDK what phone is) when I started playing it It was awesome, but….. Lots of hackers ruining people’s KD. also Please when you’re ranking with people, please In the ranked match everyone’s Rank is the same. BTW Can you Communicate with mics on critical ops? add i

I love this app!!! It relieves you of stress and is fun to play! I wanted to know if you could add drones or RPGs to the game if possible 5/5 would recommend everyone download this if you love guns, co-op, and action!!!

Nova Legacy

This is the kind of Android shooter game I love to play: a shooter game that has an online multiplayer, single player that can be accessed without any internet connection, regenerative health, great maps, and the ability to move around. Again, I love that the game doesn’t need to be connected to the internet for non-multiplayer purposes and only needs the internet for multiplayer. Please for the love of everything Holy, keep developing games like this. I’m begging you!

The controls are decent, given their limitations, and the gameplay is pretty enjoyable. The multiplayer aspect needs serious balancing, however; I was frequently shunted into a match against players with end-game level weapons that could one-shot me and survive everything I threw at them.

I can’t play multiplayer using mobile data. I tried on many devices, still, need Wi-Fi to play it. please do something. The spin section is not ads are showing. difficult to play in displays greater than 6.5 inches. I could play it well in my previous Galaxy note 3 but I can’t play in my new Galaxy A 50 cuz no ads are coming to get more supplies. update 10 is not required.

I played this game before and I am playing it again it is a good game but  am disappointed in two things first there is only 4 different types of enemy, enemy’s color changes as they get tougher wanted more verity second when playing this game last time there wasn’t many different varieties of armor only having 3-4 and  had almost maxed armor but when started playing again  got common armor not even rare one why is that???

Monument Valley 2

It’s a beautiful game with great mechanics that just don’t have enough content to warrant the price tag. I came to the end of the game thinking that I had just finished a chapter, only to find there was nothing left. The puzzles themselves are great to look at, but not hard to solve. Especially when compared to the first one. I think if you’ve never played the first one then it might be a good challenge, but I was able to solve each level first attempt with not much effort.

we played this game together with my daughter and it was a wonderful experience. we are waiting impatiently for MV3. That game was impressive and there is the genius behind the conception. the artistic level is also very high and held us on a fantastic journey.? The solutions were a bit easier to find than on MV1 and Ida’s journey and could have been a little bit more challenging, but still, we love it.

Amazing, beautiful, calm, serene. A welcome break from daily hustle and bustle played 1 now 2, put me on pre-order for 3 4 5 6, keep up the amazing work, I used to shy from mobile games, this and the room series just blow you away.

Life is Strange BTS

THE BEST game I’ve ever played. Worth whatever I paid to unlock all the episodes! Incredible writing, beautiful design, I cannot say enough good things about this game. However, it’s completely ruined my expectations for all other mobile games lol. 

Fantastic game, devas can’t be bothered to fix journal bug. its got something to do with the aspect ratio of the phone, but the journal button in the top right corner of the screen never shows up. They haven’t updated the game in almost a year, so I doubt they will do anything about it at this point. but seriously, I’m running on a brand new Pixel 3a and while the frame rate is great, not seeing a crucial part of the UI is ridiculous. seriously, customer support gives up when asked too.

Life is strange is a great game to play. Great graphics, great first-person, great theme, great soundtracks. I give this game an overall four-star ?. Even though I loved the game I found a couple of glitches, first when you pay for the full game it will not load. I have to pay for each episode one by one. Then the second glitch is the last episode when max comes out of the classroom. I could not go any further than that.

Garena Free Fire

This game deserved full stars but they messed up! After this new update, the server is lagging so much. I don’t know what is happening but I got three diamond royal coupons and one weapon royal coupon from login rewards. But when I went to redeem them, not even single of them was present. After this update, when we play games according to the need, we get rewards. But have played more than 30 games but still, it’s showing 0 games played. I didn’t even get a reward for playing 5 games, etc.

This game is very good and interesting. I am playing this game for the last 3 years but now in this update (2nd Anniversary) match results are not coming, its show “Error” continuously every time. I have done BOOYAH but it is not showing in history, no rewards get, this time get frustrated from it. So please help me with getting my rewards. I will be thankful for this. This game is very awesome all of you just play it, this update is also very nice awesome and please help me. Thank you

Identity V

Cool game from 15 top free android games 2019! There is no other app with this type of game out there. My only complaint is that survivors/hunters aren’t released fast enough.  would love more variety EDIT 1: Cool! there is so much new content, and I love it! Now ping issues and such need to be resolved. EDIT 2: Very not happy with the cross-over event. I was so excited about it, but getting the new skins with “chance” ruined it. thanks.

I truly love the game!!! and its so addicting but its like now When I join a match or find a match the game keeps telling me”waiting on player to connect to server” then kicks me out the game and  can’t join another one because it kicked me out the other game for some time but my connection is perfectly fine would love to know how to fix this so can get back to playing the game!

Hasn’t improved gameplay-wise since launch. Has overly massive maps for small characters, crows develop even when you’re looking for a cipher or exit. The developers also haven’t addressed a large number of camping killers with any kind of solution, and with how short the chair time is, you’ll die at an instant, making it an easy “strategy”. There are also times when I’m “injured” (part yellow) even after healing, and I can’t heal again so I just get drowned instantly. This game is just.

Modern Combat 5

Graphics are great and the level of intensity is excellent. But I have a couple of concerns. (1) I felt like the storyline was too short. I wanted to be to kill Saunders instead of just him doing it himself. (2) Only one frag grenade. One frag isn’t enough in a fight. (3) Online is unbalanced. Low level vs superstars who pay to win. That’s crazy. (4) Controls. The aim button is a little close to the trigger. I can’t complete certain goals because of that. Need to space them. 3 stars, my rating. 15 top free android games this game number is 14.

Competitive online FPS shooter with 3D graphics. Shooting games! Modern Strike Online: First Person Shooter! Are you a fan of the good FPS games? Looking for a S.W.A.T. vs terrorist game? Here’s some news for you: We’re ready to change the face of online Android multiplayer GPS gaming. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization, even on low-performing devices. Take part in the vanguard on the battlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront your enemy – it’s time to blitz the target!

Good for you if you’re rich or a hacker. 2 stars for graphics but the gameplay sucks big time. The multiplayer mode is a total disaster, they will match you with people who are 2 times your level. You will die when they put 2 bullets in you while you keep shooting 10 bullets in their head and nothing happens. Sometimes people even shoot you through the wall. Like seriously? And for single-player mode as you progress, you will have to pay at some stage.

Addicting game Offline Android Games

this game is so addicting, 15 best free android games it’s on the edge of your seat action pack get all kinds of cool guns and anything that you can think of all packed into one. It is probably the best game that I played outside of Asphalt 8 airborne oh, but you can’t have a shoot-’em-up game and not have a side game and racing if you know what I mean? But you’ll love this game give it a try.

Brawl Star

I’m not one for Mobile Games’ top 15 best free android games but no game attracted me more than this one did. The game is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Some characters are, a bit, imbalanced but nothing too groundbreaking. I’m not a fan of the Game Modes being locked by Trophy Progression (also power levels being locked behind drops) but it does give you something to grind for, but the mode you’re started with isn’t great. I had way more fun with every other mode, I’ve played so far, more than that one (Gem Grab).

Cheaters! This game is broken. Allowing people to cheat is not the way to go. reporting players should be a must!!!! some people quit or lose on purpose and that’s not fair to the rest of the team. crappy people should be banned. makes it hard to level up trophies! also, the game feels incomplete. not everyone has extra skins…

This is the best game you can get on your phone. I have been playing it for ages now, I have all the characters except 2 always updating and adding new stuff to love it. you don’t need to spend money to get characters its pot luck the game is very fun a few different modes to play. all characters can go up to level 10, you get them to level 9 and then have to either unlock star powers in boxes or you can buy then for about 2000 coins. takes time but love the game. thank you for making this game

Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities.

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