So here are the 10 Best Android Games Free Download that has been more popular than PC games. All these Android games are life-time favorite android games. If you are a new Android user and never played these games, then you are missing a lot of fun.

If you’re looking best android game free 2019. So That is the right blog post for you, so here is real android action, adventure, puzzles, battleships, running and sports games. I sharing Here. In this century finding the offline best game on Google is so difficult.

Because! Millions of games available on google play store with the same name. Many times we download the game from Play Store, that we want. But this game is not what we want to play. We can lose our time, Money and MBs.

Best Android Games Free 2019

From all-time GTA VICE CITY is my favorite game on PC. You Know that game is Official Available for Android smartphone & iOS on Google Play Store. Millions of time this game downloads from Google Play store. But it’s available In-apps-purchase.

Play it all the time! fancy graphics; just straight ahead. You have to know what the hands are so it’s not for the novice. plus, you get More Money on time of sequence even if you lose it all. A highly Addictive game in 2019. Do anything in this game.

Best android games free strategy uses via GameHindi to download and install the latest version of all these games listed below. All these games are popular with his awesome feature among the people who lover of Android game world.  


Best Online/Offline Android Game These games are one of the best actions, free to crime fully adventure with its Good gameplay, control and graphic. When you play you can addictive to these games and play again and again.

Here, I am going to provide a list of top 10 best android games free download for a lifetime. Some games are free to install and play but have other In-App Purchases. This list of X Best Android games free download of all time contains some New games as well as some Old games too. So, let’s begin.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the best running game official launched by Kiloo and SYBO in 2012. And since then, it has been one of the most popular best Android games trending SERP of Play store always.

Most of the visitors played Subway Surfers already on Android smartphones. Both Kiloo and SYBO Developers jointly developed this game. If you’re looking real running game, it’s for you.

Subway Surfers Characters

Only three characters included in this game. The game does not have many levels or controls. In this game Jack is Main Character like a filmy Hero, The other two are a policeman and his dog is a side character like the villain in the movie.

The game control is awesome kids can play this easily. In this, your Job is to save Jake from policeman to run in the subway. Swipe controls to move Jake around. While running to avoid trains, wooden barricades, light posts and much more.

Game controls are so simple that a child can play Subway Surfers. Just swipe left to go to the left lane and swipe right to go to the right lane. For Jumping swipe up to jump and swipe down to roll. Collect coins that come in your way On Train Bogies and much more.

Bonus items also come along the way to win you running such as jetpacks, super sneakers, magnets, etc. Activate a hoverboard by double tapping and click the Icon like the screen. The game surely deserves first place in my list of top 10 best android games of a lifetime.

2. SaahoThe Game


Saaho-The Game is a 2019 action fully adventure-packed first-person run & gun 3D Game. Pixalot Labs Pvt Ltd  Published this game 1.0 Version on 15 August 2019. The main character Prabhas from Saaho cruising through the city and taking down enemies with your arsenal of weapons and power-packed Jetpack.

Saaho-The Game Trailor Best Android Games Free Download

City of Waaji full of criminals and people needs your help. The gangsters of Waaji have taken control of the city for finding the Black Box. The thugs run rampant and would kill anyone that crosses their path. Its time from you to kit up and kill them down. You have been assembled with the master-in-class weapons & the state-of-the-art Jetpack to aid you in your mission.

Playing as Prabhas is awesome it costs Energy. Energy refills over time, if you don’t wait then skip it this option. Cover the distance & kill the enemies to grants you Gold

Use carnage experience Collect the gold and Unlock powerful weapons by using this Gold. Also Spend Gold to earn real-world Saaho goodies like caps, t-shirts, posters & even movie tickets and much more.

How to Play
Tilt your mobile to move
Collect Gold by flying over them
Tapping on the screen fire on the enemy and kill them
Enemy will shoot

Every weapon is different from it in terms of capacity, range & damage Save your from self-Crashing into buildings/objects

Read More…………

3. Temple Run Series

Both temple run game 1 & 2 are amazing. The developer of both these games is Imani Studios. Both games on Google plays the store trend page. Because the game graphics are awesome and the gameplay is good. If your finding really nature run game that is best for you.

Why Better Than Subway Surfers

The gameplay is similar to Subway Surfers, But some different. Temple Run beats all the running android game by a good margin in terms of graphics. In this game, you need to run through a floating way. Shaking the mobile to save lives and keep running.

The first version of the Temple Run series was a simple runner with a straight path and turns. But the second version is completely different from this. New some feature updates in temple Run 2. These some dips and rises in Paths which make the game more addictive.

4. Green Glass

If you’re looking for the best adventuring, action, story mode, natural, sword fighting’s, Horse Riding, boating and solving Puzzles game for your Android smartphone. The Green Glass Android game is for you.

It’s my all-time favorite Mobile phone game. If you download this game you can need 1GB plus space to enjoy this game feature. The developer of these games is NetEase Games-. This is Chaniees martial art game that is an offline game. 

How to Play?

The beautiful girls are infected with a virus, you can find the 19 plants to make antidote and drunk the girls and save her life. When the game is staring you can ride the horse with a girl. Here is the Journey start to find 19 Plants for Antidote.

Beat/kill the Chinese martial art master and solve puzzles to keep Journey. Just use the icon that shows on the mobile screen to fight, walk, run, and much more. That game is so easy even the child can play it.

I can play this game all-time, Why? Because of this game features, I cannot find the Other listed 10 Best Android Games Free Download.

Green Glass game Features

Awesome Graphic

Good Gameplay

Horse Riding

Sword fighting

Amazing Characters

Mind Game

3D Natural Graphics

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

No Introduction needs to identify this game, because everyone who loves the playing game on her android Phone, it knows it’s is the most popular Car rising Android game. Its most popular free rising game was published in 2013.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Feature

The Gameloft game developer company has been developed in 2013. A great Android mobile game developer even before Android was launched. It has launched Asphalt 8: Airborne back in 2013 for android. Since in this century this game has been one of the most popular best free android games for racing lovers.

Asphalt8: Airborne has 3D graphics and gameplay is very nice and more addictive. Because You can ride 160+ licensed cars such as Lamborghini, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. These Cars can be ridden across 70+ tracks.

You can play this game online multiplayer where you can compete with real people, friends, family members around the world. These areas include Nevada, Rio, Great Wall, Dubai, Pakistan, India, and many other amazing areas. I like graphics, gameplay and game control of this game. Due to this reason this game if my favorites game from all the other racing game Android 10 Best Android Games Free Download.

6. Dead Trigger Series

This game is amazing like World War Z movie. If you cannot see this movie, maybe you can lose more fun. Like this, if you cannot play this game you can be lost more fun and entertainment. So here are the best android games free download Now and play.

Madfinger Games created zombies game Dead Trigger. After the success of the Dead Trigger One. They developed Dead Trigger 2. This fear got even deeper when installment Dead Trigger 2. That is maybe a joke but it’s not. Both in games, you can kill zombies.

I personally play this game and killed more zombies in this game than Brad Pitt killed in World War Z movie. Some better zombie killer games are in Play Store. But none of them is easy as this game. It is light and fast as the Dead Trigger series. That’s why it is one of the most amazing 10 Best Android Games Free Download of a lifetime.

Both versions of game official available on google play store.

7. 8 Pool Ball

If you can use Facebook much time you see the invitation. That came to your friend to play 8 pool ball. Basically, the Pool Ball is an Online/offline Billiard game. The Miniclip developer of this awesome game.

Play with friends, family members, girls’ friends and also boyfriend! Legends. the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best! The billiard game around the world is the most popular android game.

My whole family loves 8 ball pool. My wife plays it every night after work. I play it often against him and my kids. After the kids are in bed, probably 3-4 days a week I play for at least an hour. I have never had any problems with this game in the year or more I’ve played! I appreciate the game developer of this game.

It’s totally addicted to this game. have been for several years. there is a great variety of options and points. however, if you are not a person that tends to buy additional poi its or cues, you may find that the game will periodically put you in a position of disadvantage by either causing scratches.

Android Games best Free Download (2019)

Good app Game Android. Need improvement that. Give back some coins when a player loses a match and give 1 Billion coins to every player once in a year. so that they can get more interested in it. some players leave these games because they can’t play big matches. so please update these in 8 ball pool. Otherwise

If you can make a quick coin in 8 Pool Ball, then you can play 9 Balls. In this, you can hit the ball that’s in your site came. This ball touches the Nine Number Ball and drops inbox. You can win a single click and make lots of coins. This the best free android games without permission to allow install.

8. Modern Combat 5 Android best Games Free Download

Modern Combat 5 is another action game by Gameloft. The company had launched it after the successful run of its four Predecessors.

The gameplay is fine, it has great multiplayer combat, but it’s EXTREMELY hard to enjoy that gameplay. When the player matching is so unbalanced.

Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooter game that lets you enjoy every level of fun and excitement. Modern Combat V has 7 awesome playstyles: Like Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter and Sapper.

You can choose any of these weapons and kill the terrorists. The storyline of the game is like of Call of Duty like.

At level 25, I was being pitted against players who ranged from level 5 to 112. If this is an issue that can be fixed, please do so, because it’s a genuine problem that prevents me from enjoying this game.

Modern comfort 5 graphic is realistic and gameplay strong.

If you can lover army war android games, then game apps are best for you. You can officially download this game on the Google Play store.

9. Free RPG mobile games

Here are the top 10 list free RPG mobile games on Google Play store. This game control is awesome and the graphics are so nice. In this game is one best game is Shadow Fight 3. The storyline of this game rounding again world war.

Shadow Fight 3 The world of shadows stands at the edge of an epic war. The game developed by NEKKI Role Playing.

I loved playing the game for the first few minutes. The tutorial showed the controls easily and the story was building wonderfully however after updating the game (7/24) it doesn’t work so well. It asked me to reset which wasn’t too bad for how little progress I made however after the character.

I absolutely love this game. I found it on the app store a while back and downloaded it and began playing. It runs very smooth and has very nice fresh graphics, but as I do like this game a lot but I feel it is missing something, I feel that it needs a friend/clan and messaging system as well as a real. Now its 10 Best Android Games Free Download top list of 9.

You can also download this game from Google Play store.

10. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is developed by Warner Bros. Its based on DC Comics characters. the war between super Heroes. Let’s fight with your enemies with special superpowers. Fight in 3-on-3 mode and perform marvelous actions.

The game is first launched for consoles and then made its appearance in Android. And let me tell you, the Android version too has the console like action and graphics.

I love this game because there are so many of my favorites Hero characters. But I’ve given it 3 stars because the game might be one of those pay to win games. It is just so hard to build up because you can buy all of the credits just to get the character I like.


All the above game list is awesome and free. You can download and install it from Google Play. Please tell us in the comments session which game is your best.

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